Listserv Guidelines


All members of the Northern California Cognitive Behavior Therapy (NCCBT) Network are automatically invited to join the Google Group Listserv. Before joining, please review the following list of general courtesies, rules, and regulations of the NCCBT Network Listserv.

These guidelines are intended to promote useful and respectful interaction among the Listserv members:

  • Be courteous, constructive, and encouraging. Discussions on the Listserv are intended to stimulate conversation. Although differences of opinion are welcome, please express your thoughts and opinions in a professional and concise manner. Offer comments that are collegial in tone, without unprofessional behavior or hostility. Libel (written information intended to harm another person’s reputation) and slander (falsely spoken information which damages another) are prohibited.

  • Keep messages as brief as possible (e.g., only “repost” essential text from previous postings).

  • Use “subject” lines that are as brief and informative as possible. If posting a referral request, include the word “referral” or “ISO” (in search of) in the subject line.

  • When responding to a Listserv post, please do not “reply to all” unless the content is of broad interest. If you are responding to a referral request, please respond backchannel to the individual who posted the email.

  • When a member posts a referral request for a clinician who meets specific criteria (e.g., accepts insurance, is in a particular geographic region), please do not respond if you do not meet the requested criteria.

  • When posting a referral request or clinical matters, please maintain client confidentiality and include the minimum amount of information needed to meet the needs of the referral (e.g., male in his 30s seeking CBT in the Rockridge Oakland area for panic attacks).

  • If you are working towards licensure and are being supervised by a licensed clinician, please identify yourself as a trainee and list your supervisor’s name and license number whenever you post on the Listserv.
  • Please be sensitive to cultural, religious, and racial issues.

  • Defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal content is strictly prohibited on the Listserv. Please use caution. Listserv postings are subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws.

  • Posts announcing workshops, symposia, and other professional educational opportunities must meet the following criteria: 1) one or more of the presenters must be an NCCBT Network member; 2) the topic must cover CBT-related treatment, assessment, or research, or cover methodological research approaches, or cover training or supervision of CBT. Please refrain from repeated announcements of the same event. Please post as PDF vs. posting entire flyer.

  • To post, you must be an NCCBT Network member who practices, researches, studies or teaches CBT

  • Marketing groups, marketing firms and companies attempting to grow their databases are not permitted to join NCCBT Network or post.

  • Please do not post any information or material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.

  • Do not collect members’ contact information or email addresses for any purpose.

  • Under no circumstances may Listserv members discuss pricing issues or any issues that would violate antitrust laws (e. g., a discussion of hourly fees is not permitted because it may violate antitrust law).

  • Financial solicitations of any kind are not permitted.

  • NCCBT Network reserves the right to remove your posts and your email from the Listserv should we determine that your posts do not adhere to our guidelines.

  • If you are ever uncertain if content is appropriate for the Listserv, please consult with Sharon Smith at before posting.

  • Do not send administrative messages such as “remove me from the list” through the Listserv. Instead, please contact the NCCBT Help Desk ( or Krissy Poole ( directly.

  • If you wish to unsubscribe from the Listserv, email or Krissy Poole ( and you will be removed from the Listserv.
    • Please include “Unsubscribe from Listserv” in your subject line.

    • Please allow approximately 7-10 days for this to take effect, although, in most cases, it will occur sooner.