We are a group of mental health clinicians, researchers, and trainees in the San Francisco Bay Area who have an interest in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The principal purposes of the NCCBT Network are:

  • To disseminate information, education, and training to local professionals and trainees on the theory and practice of cognitive and behavioral approaches to psychotherapy.
  • To promote utilization and growth of CBT as a professional activity in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • To provide local professional networking opportunities for like-minded colleagues

The Northern California CBT Network is a nonprofit unincorporated association formed under the laws of the State of California.

A Professional Home for Local
CBT Practitioners and Researchers

CBT encompasses a variety of empirically supported treatment approaches that are based on common theoretical underpinnings that conceptualize problems as resulting from problematic cognitions and behaviors. Newer CBT approaches focus on changing beliefs about thinking, including beliefs about the over importance of thoughts themselves, and changing responses to emotions, including acceptance of emotions and improving emotion regulation strategies.

Advances in empirically supported treatments are developing at a fast pace, and practitioners face the challenge of keeping up with the latest research and applications of CBT strategies and principles. The NCCBT Network offers local CBT practitioners and researchers a “professional home” for learning, networking, and communicating about CBT-related topics.

Benefits of Membership


With members of the NCCBT Network through our private ListServ and discover other clinicians in our members-only Clinical Directory.


With members of the NCCBT Network at social networking events held at beautiful local venues.


By attending annual NCCBT Network-sponsored workshops that feature international, national, and local speakers. Workshops are offered at reduced rates for members and are held online or at the modern and comfortable Brower Center in downtown Berkeley.