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The NCCBT Network Membership is as diverse as the field of mental health services and includes psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, researchers, professors, nurses, pre-licensed associates and students.

10 Great Reasons to Become a Member

1. Connection. You will be connected to a larger group banded together by our shared interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

2. Educational Series Workshops and Webinars. By attending NCCBT Network-sponsored workshops that feature international, national, and local speakers you can earn CEs and continue to learn as a professional. Workshops are held online or often at the modern and comfortable David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley.

3. Private Clinical Directory. The NCCBT Network Clinical Directory allows members to describe their practices and share information about their professional activities with one another. Participation in the Directory is optional, and you may choose whether or not to share your profile. The Clinical Directory is searchable for clinicians to find other clinicians, but not open or available to the public. 

3. Free Social Networking Events. Network with members at our free social events at popular Bay Area locations.

4. Secure and Dedicated Google Group. Use our private, members-only Google Group. Share information about your practice and your CBT-specific content, questions or upcoming events.

5. Referrals. By joining the NCCBT Network, you will learn more about local clinicians in the field of CBT, either by searching the Clinical Directory or through the Google Group, who you can refer clients to and conversely, have them refer clients to you.

6. Stay Informed. Learn about current or emerging issues or research relevant to CBT through the NCCBT Network Google Group members and our workshop presenters. 

7. Affiliation. You will have affiliation with (y)our professional association and over 300+ professionals in our region who share an interest in CBT.

8. Discounts on Educational Offerings. You will receive reduced registration fee rates and priority registration for all Education Series workshops and webinars.

9. Professional Growth. Deepen or learn new skills for your professional development through any number of our events. Become part of a team and/or grow your leadership skills by joining one of the NCCBT Network's committees or Leadership (by invitation only).

10. Community. In all of the above ways, you are part of a professional community of like-minded colleagues with an interest in CBT, who are available to support, share information, learn and help each other professionally.

Membership Dues

All members, with the exception of students, are required to pay annual membership dues*. 

These fees allow us to manage the NCCBT Network and provide our membership with all of the benefits listed above including a private Clinical Directory, discounts on workshops and webinars, free social networking events, and a members-only Google Group.

Professional Member

(Licensed Clinician, Researcher, Professor)


Pre-Licensed Member

(Psychological Associate, AMFT, ASW, or APCC)


Student Member

No Fee

*Please note, we use an honor code system for membership level selection, however, we reserve the right to question a member's choice should we notice any discrepancy. 

About the Association

The Northern California CBT Network is a tax-exempt  501(C)6 unincorporated association.


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