How To Manage Your Account

From the My Account page, you can make changes to your account settings. If you still have questions after reading these instructions, please visit our Support Center.

1. Access My Account from the main menu. To manage your account, you must be logged in. After logging in, select My Account from the main menu. Members with Clinical Directory listings can also access My Account by clicking the icon and selecting My Account from the dropdown menu.


2. You'll be taken to the primary Account screen. To make changes to your account, you'll select from the panel of icons that appears on the left. Here are the icons and their meaning:

= Account

= Change Password

= Privacy

= Delete Account

Instructions for each of these functions follow.


Here you can update your first and last name as well as your email address. Make any changes and click Update Account. Please note that you cannot change your username.

Change Password

To change your password, simply enter your current password, followed by your new one. Confirm your new password, then click Update Password.


The privacy setting allows members listed in the Clinical Directory to hide their profile from others and from directory searches. Make any changes you like and click Update Privacy. Please note: If you have registered for directory access only and would like to have a listed profile, please do not use this setting. Please visit our Support Center and open a ticket at the bottom of the page to change your status.

Delete My Account

Here you can delete your Clinical Directory account entirely. This does not affect your NCCBT membership, only your directory account. Please note that doing so will delete ALL of your data immediately. This cannot be undone, so please choose this option carefully. To proceed with deleting your account, simply enter your password and click Delete Account. You will be logged out and redirected to the home page.