How do I reply to a topic?

To reply to a topic, click the Reply link on the topic, or scroll down to the “Reply To” section at the bottom of the topic page.

1. Content Entry: Enter the content for your topic in this box. The toolbar includes commonly-used text styling options:

Common Text Styling Options

b: Bolds highlighted text by adding tags.

i: Italicizes highlighted text by adding tags.

link: Opens a dialog box to add a link to highlighted text.

Less Common Options – Use depending on experience.

b-quote: Creates a blockquote from highlighted text.

del: Strikethough highlighted text by adding tags.

img: Add a hosted image using its url., To upload an image, use Attachments below.

ul: Create an unordered (bulleted) list.

ol: Create an ordered (numbered) list.

li: Add a list item to an ordered or unordered list.

code: Enter code.

close tags: Closes tags.

2. Topic Tags: Add any additional tags to help identify the topic and group it with similar ones.

3. Check this box to confirm that you want to receive all replies to this topic via email.

4. Attachments: Add images or .pdf files to your reply by uploading them here. Maximum file size is 512 kb.

To learn more about the NCCBT Network Forum, please see our full Support article, “Guide to Using the Forum.”