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Workshop: “An Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Treatment-Interfering Behavior” by C. Alec Pollard, Ph.D.




9:00 am - 12:00 pm

*Although offered online, this webinar qualifies for 3 “Live” CE credits because there will be interaction with the speaker.


Despite the availability of evidence-based psychotherapies for anxiety and mood disorders, some individuals do not adequately respond to treatment. In many cases, poor response to therapy is the result of failure to address treatment-interfering behavior (TIB). This workshop will describe a therapeutic approach developed at Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute’s Center for OCD and Anxiety-Related Disorders called Treatment Readiness Therapy (TRT). The presenter, Alec Pollard, Ph.D., will describe the assumptions and components of TRT and demonstrate how to develop interventions specifically designed to help patients modify TIB. The workshop will include lecture, slides, demonstrations, and case examples.

Webinar: Zoom link will be sent to registrants the evening before or the morning of event. (NOTE: Please stay on Zoom after the event concludes to fill out an evaluation to receive CE credit.)

Prior Events

Date Event
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Online - -1.5CEUs
03/07/2020-03/07/2020Workshop: “CBT for Insomnia for those with Depression: A Case Formulation Approach” by Colleen Carney, PhD
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10/26/2018-10/27/2018Rumination-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression
Edward Watkins, PhD
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06/09/2018NCCBT Summer Social Event
Cocktails & Appetizers
Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden -
03/03/2018Difficult, Complicated & Resistant: The Artful Science of Treating OCD
Jonathan B. Grayson, Ph.D.
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
10/14/2017Evidence-Based Cognitive Behavioral Supervision
Robert Reiser, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
05/20/2017NCCBT Summer Social Event
Cocktails and Appetizers
Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
02/25/2017NCCBT Workshop:”Living Well on the Spectrum: CBT for Anxiety & Depression in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
01/28/2017NCCBT New Year Social
Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres
Grand Hyatt Hotel, 36th Floor, Bay Room - San Francisco, CA
09/23/2016Using Technology in Private Practice
Cocktails & Appetizers
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
06/11/2016NCCBT Summer Social
Cocktails & Appetizers
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05/07/2016The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Acceptance Based Behavior Therapy in Practice
Lizabeth Roemer, PhD & Susan Orsillo, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/23/2016NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

Grand Hyatt - San Francisco, CA
09/12/2015Compassionate Social Fitness for Shyness, Social Anxiety & Other Clinical Applications
Lynne Henderson, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
06/13/2015NCCBT Summer Social Event

Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
01/30/2015-01/31/2015Radically Open DBT: A 2-Day Introductory Workshop
Dr. Tom Lynch
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -11CEUs
09/27/2014Transdiagnostic Mechanisms: Mapping the Way to Case Formulation and Treatment Planning
Drs. Shelly Frank and Joan Davidson, Followed by NCCBT Social & Networking Event
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -5CEUs
05/30/2014Using Technology and Mobile Apps in Clinical Practice
Yvette Tazeau, Ph.D. & Ken Weingardt, Ph.D., Followed by NCCBT Wine & Appetizer Social/Networking Event
Skyline College - San Bruno, CA -2CEUs
04/24/2009Network Social Event

Victoria Beckner’s home - Marin County, CA
10/08/2008Network Social Event

Jackie Persons' home - Oakland, CA
04/26/2008Case Formulation & Progress Monitoring
Jacqueline Persons, PhD
UCSF-Mt Zion Campus - San Francisco, CA -6CEUs
01/19/2008Treating Angry/Critical Clients
David Burns, MD
Stanford, CA -3CEUs
10/19/2007Schema Focused Therapy for Anxiety
John White, PhD
San Ramon, CA -3CEUs
04/13/2007-04/14/2007Two Day Intensive Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training
Robyn Walser, PhD
Orinda, CA -14CEUs
10/14/2006Motivational Interviewing
Paula Wilbourne, PhD, Motivational Interviewing Trainer/Expert, Veterans Affairs Med Ctr., Palo Alto
Orinda, CA -3CEUs
04/29/2006Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Robyn Walser, PhD
Orinda, CA -3CEUs
01/14/2006Social Anxiety Disorder & Mindfulness – Treatment & Research Update
Philippe Goldin, PhD
Stanford, CA -3CEUs
10/30/2005-10/31/2005Network Colleagues attended Behavioral Tech DBT Workshop
Marsha Linehan, PhD, with Cocktail Party for Dr. Linehan
San Francisco, CA
04/05/2005Bipolar Spectrum Disorders – Diagnostic & Treatment Advances
Shane MacKay, MD
Oakland, CA -3CEUs
09/07/2013Handling Treatment Failure Successfully
Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D.
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -5CEUs
05/10/2013-05/11/2013Friday Workshop: “Creating Effective Behavioral Experiments: Uniting Heart and Mind”
Saturday workshop: “Integrating Imagery-based Interventions into your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practice”

James Bennett-Levy, PhD
Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
06/01/2013Free Summer Social

Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
01/12/2013NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

San Francisco, CA
12/07/2012Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression
Stuart Eisendrath, MD
Berkeley, CA -4CEUs
09/15/2012CBT Network Social Event

Oakland, CA
03/30/2012CBT for OCD: Tricks of the Trade
Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD
Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/21/2012NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

San Francisco, CA
10/14/2011Understanding the Nature of Trauma Memories & the Transformation of Meaning in Memory Exposure for PTSD
Victoria Lemle Beckner, PhD, Followed by Autumn Social Event
Oakland, CA -3CEUs
04/30/2011Trans-Diagnostic Application of DBT in Everyday Practice
Rochelle Frank, PhD, Followed by Spring Social Event
Oakland, CA -5CEUs
02/25/2011Neurobehavioral Research, Attentional Control, Mindful Psychotherapy
Robin Yeganeh, PhD, Followed by "Welcome New Members" Social Event
Oakland, CA -2CEUs
09/25/2010Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Trans-Diagnostic Sleep Problems
Allison Harvey, PhD, Followed by Social Event
Oakland, CA -5CEUs
05/01/2010How to Publish Your Book
Matthew McKay, PhD
Oakland, CA
05/22/2010-05/23/2010Intro to ACT
Matthew McKay, PhD & Patricia Zurita Ona, PhD (Offered by New Harbinger)
Oakland, CA -14CEUs
03/06/2010Empirically Supported Psychotherapies for Mania Prevention
Sheri Johnson, PhD
Oakland, CA -5CEUs
02/19/2010-02/21/2010ACT for Anxiety Disorders
Georg Eifert, PhD (Offered by New Harbinger)
Oakland, CA -11.75CEUs
01/08/2010CBT Network Social Event

Oakland, CA

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Members Get Discounts On All Events.

Plus directory access and many other benefits.