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05/20/2022-05/20/2022“Implementing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adults with ADHD” by Mary V. Solanto, Ph.D. (3CEs)
Mary Solanto, PhD
Online - Zoom link will be emailed at least 48 hours before the event. - -3CEUs
01/22/2022-01/22/2022“Seeing Autistic People: Practical CBT Interventions from a Neurodiversity Perspective” by Janie Hong, Ph.D. (3CEs)
Janie Hong, PhD
Online -
05/14/2021-05/14/2021“An Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Treatment-Interfering Behavior” by C. Alec Pollard, Ph.D. (3CEs)
Alec Pollard, Ph.D.
Online -
10/23/2020-10/23/2020“How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race” by Allison Briscoe-Smith, PhD (1.5CEs)
Allison Briscoe-Smith, PhD
Online -
03/07/2020-03/07/2020“CBT for Insomnia for those with Depression: A Case Formulation Approach” by Colleen Carney, PhD (6CEs)
Colleen Carney, PhD
Brower Center, Berkeley - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/25/2020-01/25/2020Annual NCCBT Network New Year Social

Grand Hyatt Hotel Ballroom-36th floor - San Francisco, CA
10/11/2019-10/11/2019One-day Workshop on Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT)
Andrew Christensen
Berkeley, CA
03/08/2019Cognitive Therapy for Suicidal Patients

David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/12/2019NCCBT Network Happy New Year Social Event

Grand Hyatt Hotel, 36th Floor - San Francisco, CA
10/26/2018-10/27/2018Rumination-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression
Edward Watkins, PhD
David Brower Center - San Francisco, CA -12CEUs
06/09/2018NCCBT Summer Social Event
Cocktails & Appetizers
Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden -
03/03/2018Difficult, Complicated & Resistant: The Artful Science of Treating OCD
Jonathan B. Grayson, Ph.D.
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
10/14/2017Evidence-Based Cognitive Behavioral Supervision
Robert Reiser, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
05/20/2017NCCBT Summer Social Event
Cocktails and Appetizers
Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
02/25/2017NCCBT Workshop:”Living Well on the Spectrum: CBT for Anxiety & Depression in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
01/28/2017NCCBT New Year Social
Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres
Grand Hyatt Hotel, 36th Floor, Bay Room - San Francisco, CA
09/23/2016Using Technology in Private Practice
Cocktails & Appetizers
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA
06/11/2016NCCBT Summer Social
Cocktails & Appetizers
Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
05/07/2016The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Acceptance Based Behavior Therapy in Practice
Lizabeth Roemer, PhD & Susan Orsillo, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/23/2016NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

Grand Hyatt - San Francisco, CA
09/12/2015Compassionate Social Fitness for Shyness, Social Anxiety & Other Clinical Applications
Lynne Henderson, PhD
The Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
06/13/2015NCCBT Summer Social Event

Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
01/30/2015-01/31/2015Radically Open DBT: A 2-Day Introductory Workshop
Dr. Tom Lynch
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -11CEUs
09/27/2014Transdiagnostic Mechanisms: Mapping the Way to Case Formulation and Treatment Planning
Drs. Shelly Frank and Joan Davidson, Followed by NCCBT Social & Networking Event
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -5CEUs
05/30/2014Using Technology and Mobile Apps in Clinical Practice
Yvette Tazeau, Ph.D. & Ken Weingardt, Ph.D., Followed by NCCBT Wine & Appetizer Social/Networking Event
Skyline College - San Bruno, CA -2CEUs
04/05/2005-04/05/2005Bipolar Spectrum Disorders – Diagnostic & Treatment Advances
Shane MacKay, MD
Oakland, CA -3CEUs
04/24/2009Network Social Event

Victoria Beckner’s home - Marin County, CA
10/08/2008Network Social Event

Jackie Persons' home - Oakland, CA
04/26/2008Case Formulation & Progress Monitoring
Jacqueline Persons, PhD
UCSF-Mt Zion Campus - San Francisco, CA -6CEUs
01/19/2008Treating Angry/Critical Clients
David Burns, MD
Stanford, CA -3CEUs
10/19/2007Schema Focused Therapy for Anxiety
John White, PhD
San Ramon, CA -3CEUs
04/13/2007-04/14/2007Two Day Intensive Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training
Robyn Walser, PhD
Orinda, CA -14CEUs
10/14/2006Motivational Interviewing
Paula Wilbourne, PhD, Motivational Interviewing Trainer/Expert, Veterans Affairs Med Ctr., Palo Alto
Orinda, CA -3CEUs
04/29/2006Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Robyn Walser, PhD
Orinda, CA -3CEUs
01/14/2006Social Anxiety Disorder & Mindfulness – Treatment & Research Update
Philippe Goldin, PhD
Stanford, CA -3CEUs
10/30/2005-10/31/2005Network Colleagues attended Behavioral Tech DBT Workshop
Marsha Linehan, PhD, with Cocktail Party for Dr. Linehan
San Francisco, CA
09/07/2013Handling Treatment Failure Successfully
Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D.
David Brower Center - Berkeley, CA -5CEUs
05/10/2013-05/11/2013Friday Workshop: “Creating Effective Behavioral Experiments: Uniting Heart and Mind”
Saturday workshop: “Integrating Imagery-based Interventions into your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practice”

James Bennett-Levy, PhD
Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
06/01/2013Free Summer Social

Epic Roast House - San Francisco, CA
01/12/2013NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

San Francisco, CA
12/07/2012Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression
Stuart Eisendrath, MD
Berkeley, CA -4CEUs
09/15/2012CBT Network Social Event

Oakland, CA
03/30/2012CBT for OCD: Tricks of the Trade
Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD
Berkeley, CA -6CEUs
01/21/2012NCCBT Happy New Year Social Event

San Francisco, CA
10/14/2011Understanding the Nature of Trauma Memories & the Transformation of Meaning in Memory Exposure for PTSD
Victoria Lemle Beckner, PhD, Followed by Autumn Social Event
Oakland, CA -3CEUs
04/30/2011Trans-Diagnostic Application of DBT in Everyday Practice
Rochelle Frank, PhD, Followed by Spring Social Event
Oakland, CA -5CEUs
02/25/2011Neurobehavioral Research, Attentional Control, Mindful Psychotherapy
Robin Yeganeh, PhD, Followed by "Welcome New Members" Social Event
Oakland, CA -2CEUs
09/25/2010Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Trans-Diagnostic Sleep Problems
Allison Harvey, PhD, Followed by Social Event
Oakland, CA -5CEUs
05/01/2010How to Publish Your Book
Matthew McKay, PhD
Oakland, CA
05/22/2010-05/23/2010Intro to ACT
Matthew McKay, PhD & Patricia Zurita Ona, PhD (Offered by New Harbinger)
Oakland, CA -14CEUs

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Members Get Discounts On All Events.

Plus directory access and many other benefits.