Qualifications for Membership in the NCCBT Network

Full members are California licensed mental health clinicians who specialize in CBT or have an interest in CBT and a desire to become more proficient in CBT. Pre-licensed and student members must be in or have graduated from a clinical or academic training program for mental health clinicians/researchers. All members will sign a statement of understanding for membership, which includes agreeing to the terms for exclusion or termination stated in the Mission and Bylaws. Renewal of this statement of understanding will be required annually for membership renewal.

Membership Structure

There are three registration components to the Northern California CBT Network:

  1. The CBT Network Member Master List: 
    All members must be on the NCCBT Network Member Master list in order to participate in the other components of the Network. To join, individuals must register and pay annual dues.
  2. The NCCBT Network Listserv:
    The NCCBT Network listserv serves as an optional, private, online forum that allows NCCBT Network members to communicate directly with each other about CBT-oriented questions and discussions, events, referrals, and resources. The NCCBT Network listserv is not open to the public.
  3. The NCCBT Network Clinical Directory:
    The NCCBT Network Clinical directory is an optional, private directory listing for members who are licensed clinicians or who are registered psychological assistants/ MFT interns working under the license of NCCBT Network clinicians and identify themselves as predominantly cognitive-behavioral in their orientation and practice. The Referral Directory is for the use of NCCBT Network members only and is not intended to be made available to the public.

Registration for NCCBT Network Events 

NCCBT Network members have registration priority for all Network events. Non-members may attend network-sponsored workshops or social events if space is available after Network members have been accommodated.

Network Leadership Committee/Founding Members

The Leadership Committee/Founding Members are self-appointed volunteers who founded and developed the NCCBT Network. Leadership Committee Members’ duties are to are: to establish policy; to organize/implement the activities of the NCCBT Network; to uphold the mission and bylaws of the NCCBT Network, and to make administrative decisions for the NCCBT Network. They meet as a group at least three times annually for the purpose of addressing specific NCCBT Network issues as they arise. Meetings shall be called upon with no less than 48 hours’ notice by any means reasonably determined to provide notice of the meeting to all Leadership Committee members. Attendance by a majority of Leadership Committee members shall be deemed a quorum for the meeting. Decisions for the Network are made based on a majority consensus of such a quorum of the Leadership Committee members and shall be recorded in the minutes of the NCCBT Network. Majority consensus decisions made by the Leadership Committee are acts of the Northern California CBT Network. The co-treasurers are responsible for handling the NCCBT Network bank account, including all funds collected/paid. The co-treasurers are also responsible for making sure bookkeeping records are kept, taxes owed by the Network are paid, and bookkeeping records are available to members for review. These Bylaws may be amended in the future to allow for a procedure for the general membership to appoint or elect Leadership Committee Members, if and when the Leadership Committee so determines it to be in the best interests of The NCCBT Network.

NCCBT Network Leadership Committee:

Lynn Martin: President

Melinda White: Treasurer; Event Registration Co-Coordinator; Membership Co-Coordinator

Janie Hong: Secretary

Jacqueline Persons: Honorary President

Joan Davidson: Membership Co-Coordinator; Clinical Directory Coordinator; CE Coordinator

Daniela Owen: Workshop Co-Coordinator; Speaker Coordinator

Sharon Smith: Workshop Co-Coordinator; Listserv Coordinator

Rebecca Courry: Member at Large

Nancy Liu: Member at Large

Robert Reiser: Member at Large

Changes in the membership or composition of the NCCBT Network Leadership Committee shall be recorded in the minutes.


As part of the NCCBT Network’s commitment to education and training, continuing education credits will be made available for most NCCBT Network-sponsored workshops.

Financial Entity

The NCCBT Network is an Unincorporated Association registered as such with the Secretary of State of California, the California Franchise Tax Board and the IRS.


The NCCBT Network charges annual membership dues for full and pre-licensed members to cover the costs of doing business.

Membership Exclusion/Termination


Members may be excluded from joining or rejoining if they:

  • Do not pay membership dues


Members may be asked to leave the group if they:

  • Do not pay membership dues
  • Are behaving, on the Listserv or at Network events, in ways that are inconsistent with the mission of the NCCBT Network, as determined by the Leadership Committee or Listserv Coordinator

Termination Procedure

An individual’s membership in the NCCBT Network may be terminated by majority vote of the Leadership Committee finding that one or more of the criteria for termination has occurred with respect to the member. Written notice of termination (via e-mail or U.S. mail) will be sent by a Leadership Committee member to the NCCBT Network member at least 15 days before termination is to take effect, and the affected member may request to meet with the Leadership Committee during such 15-day period in order to question the decision; provided, that unless the Leadership Committee votes by a majority to rescind, the termination shall take effect as of the date indicated in the notice. If the member being terminated is a Leadership Committee member, they will be excluded from the Leadership Committee meeting discussion and vote regarding their termination. A record of the Leadership Committee decision and written notice will be filed in Leadership Committee meeting minutes.

Being a member of the NCCBT Network, on the NCCBT Network listserv or in the NCCBT Network Directory does not certify or verify expertise or training in cognitive behavioral therapy or other psychotherapy. NCCBT Network clinicians who post on the NCCBT Network listserv any information regarding a current/past/potential patient, must to adhere to HIPAA (1996) confidentiality guidelines. For information about HIPAA guidelines, go to any of the following sites: Department of Health and Human Services,  American Psychological Association, or California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

These Bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the then-current members of the NCCBT Leadership Committee, at a meeting duly called and held for such purpose.